November 4

Top Tips To Train Outdoors On Winter Nights!


Today we want to talk to you about the benefits of training outdoors in the winter. It strengthens our immune system, boosts our mental wellbeing, beats the winter blues, increases lung capacity, allows our bodies to use oxygen more efficiently AND burns more calories in the cold! From these impressive advantages it is safe to say strong bodies are made in the winter and training in the outdoors will get you the best results.

To help you with training as the nights get darker and colder we have listed our top tips to keep you warm, safe and motivated to get you outside and train so you have no excuses!

💥Layers are essential. Leggings, base layers and waterproofs are the perfect way to keep you warm. Don’t forget to layer your feet and hands as they can feel the cold the most.

💥Accessorise with reflective items to ensure you are clearly seen when exercising. By purchasing items such a reflective wristbands, a bumbag or a hat means you won’t need to buy a whole new outfit to adapt to the darker evenings.

💥Don’t choose to hibernate, choose to defy the winter. It will be empowering being able to train all year round rather than dread certain seasons.

💥Exercise at the same time every week so it becomes a habit, rather than relying on willpower. Once you get in a routine your body will get used to it. Set your clothes out the evening before for your session and set a reminder in your phone!

💥Use fitness apps such as Strava to map your progress and score those kudos! This will keep you motivated and encourage you to step out and exercise when the weather just wants to make you stay indoors.

With the tips above I am sure we can train as hard as ever this winter 💪


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