July 23

Training for 40!


Meet Amanda, she’s a busy physiotherapist working for the NHS during Covid times.
The past year hasn’t been easy for Amanda, she’s faced copious changes within her rotations, she’s in and out of clinics all the time and can have long tough days.
Last year she came to the decision that she needed to do something for herself and to drive her fitness so that she could gain back control of her health.
And so she contacted us and our relationship began.
She started with one to one sessions for a few months to ease her back into a routine. She then picked up online sessions which really helped her to fit in around her rotations and a crazy schedule.
Back in January she signed up to our 6 week transformation program, with her pending 40th birthday in May her goal was to be at peak fitness and peak body confidence.
Below are the results from her program👇🏻
Fast forward 5 months from when her program finished and Amanda is still training with us and is now back outside with a combination of online and outdoor sessions and we are about to hit our one year anniversary!
Transformations don’t have to be temporary and they’re certainly not only related to aesthetics.
Once you go through a transformation you learn a lot about yourself, your body and your mindset.
What you learn will stay with you for life and then it becomes about continuing on putting it into practise and finding a sustainable routine, whilst continuing to goal set for the future.
Whether you have a weight loss goal or a better your health goal, working with a coach is the best way to get there 💪🏻 having that accountability, nutrition and mindset coaching makes all the difference.
Our next transformation program begins in September click here to find out more
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