June 7

Two New Members of Our Team


We’re excited to introduce, not one, but TWO new members of our team!💪

Meet Gintare (pictured top left) she’ll be taking on the Wednesday 6pm and 7pm Strength Squad sessions, we love the group shot above that she took at her first session and we’ve had some fantastic feedback from the session already.

“Hi I am Gintare, I’m a Fitness trainer and a Personal trainer. I also have personal experience adapting to fitness after major health challenges.  

With a background as an athlete and a love of the outdoors, I absolutely love to focus on building physical and mental strength, boosting energy and having lots of fun.

Embarking on the fitness journey, no doubt will change your life. It is way more than lifting a few weights or running up the stairs”

Meet Maria (pictured top right) she’ll be taking the Friday 6pm Metcon session.

“My name is Maria Pinto, I’m from Portugal. I’ve been a personal trainer for 5 years and I teach a number of classes in person and online including boxing, spin and kettlebells. 

I began amateur boxing competitively and developed a love for the sport and fell in love with fitness. I wanted to help others, like boxing has helped me, bringing the best within and out, so I decided to qualify as a Personal Trainer. 

I love training and can’t see myself without it. I aim still active in regards to my boxing training but I now train with my children at the same club. 

My classes suit all abilities as I like to include everyone, give progression or regression depending on the individual.   

Fridays Metcon class will be a functional, strength and conditioning class, which will aim at challenging your heart rate to build your overall fitness.  Expect high intensity, expect kettlebels, expect some boxing drills and expect to do only the best you can but still be CHALLENGING YOURSELF SAFELY.”

We know you’ll give them both a warm Bootcamp welcome and as always please do send over your feedback after you try their sessions.


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