June 29

We all need a little motivation


A little motivation for you all in the form of a huge positive that came from lockdown last year.

In the Summer when it was announced we were able to exercise with one other person outside, our member Claire had the awesome idea of buddy sessions.

Steph devised different levels of programs to suit our members needs, buddied them up with like minded people and thus began mutual motivations and friendships.

Between the buddies they arranged their workout days and times and Steph provided multiple workout plans to keep them challenged and motivated.

Meet Nadia and Lucy, check out their amazing before and after shot from all their hard work over this past year. They are both stronger, healthier and happier 🙌

Here’s what Lucy had to say:

“Bootcamp is not just a place you workout, build your muscle and work on you fitness. 

Bootcamp is also place you meet people.

People who will support you on your fitness journey and become your friends for life.

I met Nadia last year during the buddy program and she has been my absolute rock in this last year.

She support me all the way through the good and bad times, she has been my true inspiration!!!

So if you want to work out in a fun environment and meet people just like you, come and give Bootcamp a try 😊


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