August 5

What have you learnt from lockdown?


For most of us, lockdown has been a worrying time. We’ve been concerned about our health, our family members and been restricted in what we can.

But actually, there has been a lot to learn from lockdown, and there are many positives to be found. A lot of people have told us they’ve been enjoying a quieter lifestyle, free from the normal rush of London. We’ve also heard from people who have spent more time in their local area, slowed down and focused on what is truly important to them.

So take a second now – what have you learnt from lockdown?

It’s important to stop and reflect, realising what impact this period has had on your mental wellbeing, physical health, routines, relationships, eating habits and more.

So what have we all learnt from the last few months?

Online sessions are fun

A lot of our members have discovered online sessions and now want to stick with them as they enjoyed them so much. Through online sessions we’ve been able to introduce new classes, like pilates, helping people to improve their mobility and core strength, and meditation to help them unwind. It’s great that an outcome of lockdown is that people have been able to try something new and have stuck with it!

Slowing down is good for us

Spending most of our time at home, not seeing loved ones and cancelling plans was really rubbish. But the upshot of that was we could slow down, stop rushing around and really check in on ourselves. Having time to chill is a luxury and that’s hopefully something we’ll take away from this experience – let’s all continue to be kinder on ourselves and we’ll keep feeling the benefits.

Home fitness is really flexible

Working out doesn’t have to involve planning and travelling. By exercising at home you can fit around busy lives, and even slot a workout into your lunchbreak. It’s much more flexible and means you can maximise your time – just roll out your mat and you’re sorted!

Our health is everything  

This pandemic has shown that staying healthy and prioritising your overall wellbeing is absolutely vital. We’ve seen it widely reported in the news that carrying excess weight can increase the risk of serious illness and death from COVID-19. Eating healthily and working out has numerous benefits for your body – both physically and mentally, and visibly and invisibility. So let’s all take the joy of good health forward as a priority.  

So what now?

Let’s take some positives out of this experience and understand what we want from our health and fitness going forward.

Let’s make sure we’re prioritising our health – and remember we can help you with that.


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