June 8

Why is mobility training so important?


We wanted to talk to you about mobility and it’s importance when you are regularly exercising.

Mobility is the ability to move your limbs through their full range of motion.

Through daily activities, injuries, exercise, or sport, your joints range of motion can decrease, resulting in what is known as a compromised joint, this means your joint is vulnerable.

As a general rule you should stretch whenever you exercise.
Here’s why mobility training is so important:

  • It can improve the range of motion of our joints and muscles
  • It can help improve our posture
  • It can help ease our everyday aches and pains
  • It’s essential because it prepares our bodies for the stress of training, preparing the body for exercise, hence why a warm up is so important
  • It’s vital to reducing the risk of injuries by improving technique and range of movement within joints.

We strongly suggest that you incorporate 1-2 mobility sessions per week, especially if you are exercising regularly, working from home in an uncomfortable position, not moving as much each day as you usually would.


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